AdWords Qualifications

Lousy Web Design & Google AdWords Campaigns

Web Designers had to work hard to get such a bad reputation! And they earned it well. They charge too much, take too long and under-deliver on almost all accounts! Many don’t know what honest means much less transparency!

Then many of these scam artists went from Web Design to SEO and only did worse! Now many are jumping on the Google AdWords band wagon…

Let’s address some of the crap these guys are selling…

Google Builds AdWords Campaigns for FREE, Don’t Pay for this – Although campaigns are free, they are built using Google Best Practices. However these Best Practices are not the best for their clients, they are best for Google. I let Google build campaigns and use them as a starting point for my campaigns. The only campaign you should pay for is a complete campaign that includes advanced landing pages designed to achieve high Quality Score as fast as possible.

To get an out of the box ‘Google Build Campaign’ for free, see below

Free Google Build

Or Call 1-800-826-9988 

Google AdWords Competitive Analysis - I saw an ad where someone said they were the only ones with competitive analysis data, or something to that effect. Nonsense! SPY FU and Keyword Spy both have free versions of their service! You can get your competitions: daily budget, monthly budget, AdWords history as far back as 3 years, keywords targeted, ROI on keywords, Ad Text History & current plus Organic data as well and all this is free!


Keyword Spy


Spy Fu

AdWords Advertising Coupons are FREE - Google gives $100 credit coupons to Partners free to give to their clients. If you don’t have an agency rep, just call Google at: 1-800-826-9988. Your website must not have any AdWords clicks to it in the last 3 months.


Anyone that claims to be a Google employee and is advertising on AdWords Services on Craigslist is either full of crap or is about to lose their job! – Come on you guys! The number one search engine knows everything that goes on. Even your phone number in a craigslist ad for AdWords services would get you promoted to the curb! And Google is not going to hire someone that stupid in the first place!


Get a completely non-biased Google Business / Internet Marketing Plan directly from Google with nobody else in the middle! - This was called Google Bliss when they rolled it out to Google Partners to test. It is a website that simply asks you a few questions about your business model and what you want to accomplish. Then it generates a proposal and sends you a link to in via email. You also get an AdWords advertising coupon as well.



Google Bliss


Find A Qualified AdWords Professional

I suggest you work with a Google AdWords Certified Professional. AdWords is too complicated for your fly-by-night SEO guy to just jump on the PPC band wagon. Google Certification should be a minimum level of qualification. Better yet, look for the following:

  • 5 years of SEO experience
  • 5 years web design
  • 5 years webmaster experience
  • excellent communications skills
  • a background check

An AdWords Consultant needs to understand business models, ROI and everything else a typical business person needs to know in order to be successful. They need to ask intelligent questions and being able to listen with an open mind.

Questions to ask an AdWords Professional:

Have you ever run a business?

Where did you learn AdWords?

What other skills help you succeed with AdWords?

Do you use any 3rd party tools to build campaigns?

How important is Quality Score and how do you improve it?

What effects ad extensions and which ones should I use for my business?

What do you like/dislike about the AdWords Editor?

I’m not going to suggest answers for these questions because the deadbeats would just be that much better off if I did! Instead I suggest you listen for a tone of confidence in a persons voice and look them in the eye when they talk to you.

Check resume, visit LinkedIn profile, Google their name, Check personal and professional references, visit their website/sites.

Don’t trust anyone that does not put their name and phone number on their website!


About Robert McCulloch

My first computer was a Times Sinclair with 2K of memory and I built my first website in 1993.



Linkedin Profile

Kudos Page


I built my first website back in 2002. You can still see it on the Way Back Machine!

Started an SEO/PPC a Link Directory in 2003 called

Developed one of the most advanced Keyword Tools back in 2006 – F1 Keyword Tool

The early days of keyword research – See Example Keyword Report from June 6th 2007

My first site 4 years later –, July 4th 2006. My hat was black by then!

First site to go past a million in revenue! 2001-2007

Fast forward to the present…

WordPress How To Blog

AdWords Insider Blog

AdWords Training Blog

Design Weaver Marketing

Best Web Hosting-blog

Reseller Hosting Blog

Diamondback Flooring LLC

The Jan Johnson

AZ AC Repair Under development 1/18/2014


And one last thing, don’t forget Internet Marketing is like a chain. AdWords is just one link in the chain, important – yes. But no more important than any other link. All it takes is one link to break and the whole chain fails.

Craigslist Marketing 101 – Posting A Quality Craigslist Ad

Craigslist Marketing 101


Posting A Quality Craigslist Ad

My theory is that if you are going to do something, you might as well do it right! And that is why I use Craigslist ads. It’s great for several reasons beyond just posting an ad! I use it for Link Bait and Link bait for Link Bait. Link bait is anything you create to get people to link to it. And articles about Link Bait are one of the best forms of link bait. Then just pop in some examples of your real Link Bait and bingo, double whammy!

Anything you do in terms of Internet Marketing should be thought of as part of something larger, It is after all, right? The exception would be a simple Craigslist ad for a one time sale or something like that. Selling your car? Forget about all this. Marketing your business? Pay Attention for God sakes!

I don’t care if you are using Google AdWords, organic SEO or even email marketing, this is How We Do It when it matters! Everything that is link-able should be a part of a large and flexible Link Wheel. It’s called a Link Wheel because it goes around the ultimate target, your money page. But the key here is that the wheele never connects or makes a complete circle. Never link from one thing around and back to the beginning. That spells the doom of any link wheel! Don’t reciprocal link to anything.

I know that term Link Wheel is out of fashion, but the Link Wheel will never quite working! So this Link Bait is part of a Link Wheel. A link wheel always statrs where ever you enter it. So in this case, this is the start. See if you can follow it and figure out where the money page is? Maybe there are many money pages???

Samples of Quality Craigslist Ads

fyi, Always use your keywords as the anchor text in your links!

Latest Project

Diamondback Flooring

URL Optimized For Phoenix Flooring

Public Facing URL

2nd Week Organic Ranking!

Hard Core Google AdWords Campaign

Targeted Keywords

dupont laminate flooring 5.00 Broad
harmonics laminate flooring 3.00 Broad
laminate flooring 1.00 Broad
laminate flooring around doors 6.00 Broad
laminate flooring az 0.50 Broad
laminate flooring gilbert az 9.00 Broad
laminate flooring mesa az 5.00 Broad
laminate flooring on stairs 6.00 Broad
laminate flooring phoenix 9.00 Broad
laminate flooring reviews 5.00 Broad
pergo laminate flooring 5.00 Broad
12mm laminate flooring 5.00 Broad
waterproof laminate flooring 3.00 Broad
swiftlock laminate flooring 5.00 Broad
laminate floor 6.00 Broad
laminate floor reviews 5.00 Broad
laminate floor tile 4.00 Broad
laminate floors 4.50 Broad
single plank laminate flooring 6.00 Broad
laminate flooring +mesa az 3.00 Broad

Top Landing Page

Approxmate Quality Scores

9 – 1
8 – 83
7 – 66
6 – 23
5 – 7
4 – 9
3 – 5

Craigslist Ads

Now How To Post Quality Craigslist Ads

First thing you are going to need is an HTML editor. It just so happens WordPress will work for this purpose and it’s common and easy to learn. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this blog post the same way, with the same WordPress editor, I would if I was going to make this an ad on Craigslist.

The elements of a quality ad are as follows:

Formatted TextBold, Italic, underlined, colored text, strike thru, and so on.


Images – Any picture you want in your ad. Often a screen shot of a webpage or product you sell.


Text Layout Functionality

Column Heading

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec scelerisque rutrum hendrerit.

Column Heading

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec scelerisque rutrum hendrerit.

Column Heading

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec scelerisque rutrum hendrerit.

Column Heading

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec scelerisque rutrum hendrerit.

Bullet text

  • Craigslist ad text
  • Craigslist ad text
  • Craigslist ad text

Numbered lists

  1. Craigslist ad text
  2. Craigslist ad text
  3. Craigslist ad text

Indented Text

Craigslist ad text


Headlines of all sizes

Headlines of all sizes

Headlines of all sizes

Headlines of all sizes

So that is some of the stuff you can do with your Craigslist ad. But keep in mind WordPress uses CSS or Cascading Style Sheets and Craigslist does not. So your WordPress editor will display your ad differently than Craigslist will show your ad. But the basics should stay the same, H1 will be a:

large headline

and Bold will be Bold.

From HTML to Craigslist Ad

First a quick note to people without access to WordPress. If you don’t have WordPress as an option, almost any HTML editor will do. My favorite is Visual Page. An old visual editor that is hard to find no because they quite publishing it. Just Google ‘free HTML Editor‘ and you should be able to find a free one.

No HTML Editor

Another option is to just right click on a webpage and select view source. In most cases and with most web browsers this will bring up a page of HTML code. But you can’t just use it as it is. There will be an HTML header that defines the type of document and other information that does not apply to your Craigslist ad. You will want to copy and pate only the code that is relevant.


<!–last modified on Friday, January 17, 2014 04:46 PM –>

<META HTTP-EQUIV=”Content-Type” CONTENT=”text/html;CHARSET=iso-8859-1″>
<META NAME=”Author” Content=”Robert McCulloch”>


<P>This is the body of the HTML document and the only part of the code you want to copy and paste into your Craigslist ad.




Copy and Paste To Craigslist ad

This is the visual editor in WordPress. You can edit your ad somewhat the way it will appear in Craigslist. This is how you make WordPress blog posts and pages as well. When you have you ad layout the way you like it, switch to text mode and copy the code to paste into the Craigslist ad page. Notice the red circle around the word visual…



Here is the text mode editor where you get your actual HTML code to paste into Craigslist. Notice the red circle that says text and the code in the editor. That’s the HTML for this blog post right here.


From here on it’s down hill. All you need to do is copy your HTML code and paste it into the Craigslist ad page. Then click on done. You will have the option to add pictures and I suggest you do even if they are already in the ad. These pictures show up at the top of the ad. Quality pictures are very important. After you add pictures you get to see the finished ad. If you notice something wrong, just click edit  and go back and fix it.

You Can Do This

Trust me, you can do this. It is both more complicated than it looks and yet simple at the same time. Just relax and go into it without getting frustrated. If you can’t figure something out, use Google to find an answer. Youtube is your best bet for visual solutions, Google for technical answers.

Advanced Internet Marketing

For more advanced Craigslist ad campaigns, Internet Marketing or Web design contact Robert McCulloch at 602-413-0062. Or Email me at robert at adwordsinsider dot com.

If you have a business and need more customers, you owe it to yourself to find the best, most cost effective and capable Internet Marketing Guru you can find! I’m not going to tell you that I’m the one, you need to reach that conclusion on your own. But I will tell you if you have the typical web designer/SEO goof ball that talks real smooth and charges too much, you should check my gig out.

  • All ways Open Source LAMP technology to save you money and reduce time to competition.
  • WordPress because it’s simply the best
  • Google AdWords to get started and always with organic SEO principles
  • AdWords should always transition to Google search and 100%free traffic
  • State of the art conversion technology for PPC and organic like Social Authentication, Dynamic web forms and Live Chat

My Websites

Now check out my sites and my client sites

Just about finished…

Phoenix Flooring or Diamondback Flooring LLC

In concept development now, but watch how fast it turns into a state of the art site! notice the optimized URL AZ AC Repair

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AdWords Insider when I worked for Google I needed a name that allowed me to have clients without getting fired!

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Internet Marketing Campaign for ‘Rent To Own’ Home

Internet Marketing Campaign for ‘Rent To Own’ Home

It looks like you are in a very good position to take advantage of Google AdWords. I don’t know what your profit margin is for an average conversion, but your keyword phrases are almost all $2.00 or less with about half of them below $1.00! See the AdWords suggested keywords list below…

By Suggested Bid Price & By Search Volume

Then take a look at these reports from the top two PPC players in your industry.

Report for & Report for

If you implement my suggestions for improved conversions on your website as well, I’m sure you’ll do very well. Go to my website and checkout how easy it is to signup with Social Authentication!

Sign Up Page

Sign Up Page

it Next consider the effects of higher conversions

PPC Campaign Builder



Google Search Results for the keyword phrase: rent to own

Top of Page Ads

Rent-A-Center® – Rent Furniture, Appliances & More
Fast, Easy and Convenient.

Rent & Own Your Home – Fixed Lease Payments Guaranteed?

Rent to Own From $813 a Month!

Rent to Own 4bd/3ba $597 – /month –

Start your search for only $1. Find a home you can afford!


Side of Page Ads

  1. Conn’s Official Site?
    0% APR for 6 months on purchases
    $299+ Apply Now! See Credit Terms
    Tempe, AZ?
    (480) 820-2054?

  2. Rent To Own Homes $385/mo?
    Instant Access To Rent 2 Own Homes.
    Bad Credit OK, No Money Down!

  3. Rent To Own Homes $375/mo?
    Bad Credit OK, No Money Down.
    Instant Access To Rent To Own Homes

  4. Rent To Own Homes $365/mo?
    Bad Credit OK, No Money Down
    Instant Access To Rent To Own Homes

  5. Arizona Rent To Own Homes?
    Rent To Own Home Listings For $1.
    No Down Payment + Bad Credit OK!

  6. Fast Fair Cash Offer Now?
    We Buy Ugly Houses Today
    Cash As-Is Any Condition/Location

 indexable URLs

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Indexed Pages

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