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Working with Computers Since 1982

My first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000 with just 2K of memory!  I used to leave it plugged in 24/7 because it had no way to save data. The only alternative to keeping it on for ever was to copy my source code onto sheets of graph paper. I used graph paper because it was the only way to write the code and not get things all mixed up.

The little computer shown below had an extra memory module plugged in the back of it, but it did not save the code when the power was shut off either!

Robert McCullochNext it was the incredible Commodore 64 with an incredible 32 times more memory than my Timex Sinclair. That was 1984 and at the time I was sure I would never need a more powerful computer than my new Commodore 64.

When my father and I got a new 386 PC with 4 MB of RAM and a 120 MB hard drive, I told my father this is it, we will never need to buy another computer again!

My father had never used a computer in his life yet he still had the insight to tell me I was a fool. He said this new computer would be outdated within a year. He was obviously right!


Job History

Teledyne Ryan Aeronautics – San Diego, CA

Composite Fabricator

Some of the projects I worked on were:

  • Firebee Drone
  • Apache Helicopter
  • Tomahawk Missile

I was one of the youngest employees in the company and one of the best fabricators as well. My experience working on surfboards and skateboards was a great help and I moved up as fast as was possible in the company (plus my dad knew the Operations manager). I made more money than any of my friends at the time! So I had all the money I needed spent a lot of it on new computers. I setup and ran a very popular  WWW BBS called Enigma (2400 bps modem and a second phone line).

Then I hurt my back and they fired me when I got a lawyer! Talk about life changing events! Oh well… I took off a few years and my back got better. I got into scuba diving and had already been surfing in La Jolla for a good 15 years or so.

Wind-N-Sea, La Jolla, CA

Wind-N-Sea – La Jolla, CA

I actually thought life was tough…

I lived in La Jolla, CA, right up the street from Wind-N-Sea beach. But I surfed elsewhere. Wind-N-Sea was the cool hang out spot for spoiled La Jolla punks that thought they were better than everyone else. Most of them have since over dosed on heroin or spent all the money mommy and daddy left them, oh well… That’s what you get with a silver spoon! And I’m sure there are some good people that grew up rich and spoiled, it’s too bad I never meet any of them.

My parents had a lot of money and I may have been spoiled… But my parents were not stupid. I never asked my parents for anything after I was 18 or so years old (except for a ticket home when I got stuck in Prauge once! Thanks Father!!!)

The IBM PC Changes Everything!

Then came the IBM PC and hot on it’s heals the Apple Macintosh computer. I was sold by the revolutionary user interface of the Mac and went to the Apple Computer Store to try and buy one. But they turned me down for the credit needed to buy the Mac and I was heart broken.

As it turned out, it was a good thing Apple turned me down. Soon after the Compaq was selling like crazy the first 100% IBM compatible computer, but it was way over priced at about $3,000 to $4,000.


Then Daewoo came along with the Leading Edge Model D with an Intel 8088 microprocessor at 4.77 MHz, a floppy drive and 256K of RAM. ComputerLand was the place that gave me credit and changed my life forever. From that day on I would never give the Apple Macintosh a second thought. It was going to be a Windows world for me!

The Club Scene in L.A. made it’s way south to San Diego in the late 80’s and I was hot on it! There was nothing else to do but become a D.J. if you wanted to be in the center of things, so that’s what I did. My friends and I started spinning records at wild night clubs on El Cajon Blvd and other low quality, late night hole in the wall establishments around San Diego.

And so was born the need to advertise. We used to call it pollution, because that is what most of it was. We printed flyers and put them on cars at collages all over San Diego. Who would have ever thought that would turn into websites and and last until today?

From there it was not long until found a Desktop Publishing program called Ventura Publisher and went out and paid $250 for the software. Soon I found out Ventura Software, a division of the Xerox Corp. was in San Diego not far from where I lived in La Jolla! So I went and applied for a job and they hired me! I started out testing Ventura Publisher and then went on to Technical Support and Customer Service.


First Computer Job

Ventura Software – Xerox Corp. – San Diego, CA

Technical Support and Quality Assurance


Sometime around 1990, Xerox sold Ventura Publisher to Corel and the company packed up and moved to Canada shortly afterwards.

Atech Software – Carlsbad, CA

Technical Support and Customer Service Manager

I jumped ship a about two years earlier and went to start a Technical Support and Customer Service Department at Atech Software of Carlsbad, Calif. We were selling a collection of  fonts that included more than 200 typefaces for Windows and DOS called Publisher’s PowerPak. Font styles included italic, condensed, bold, bold italic and hollow. But Microsoft had TrueType Fonts in the works and it was only a matter of time until the third party font business would be history.

 SunBurst Computers, Carlsbad, CA

International Sales and Inside Sales Support

We sold presentation systems to government and collages accounts. The systems consisted of an Sparc based RDI notebook bundled with a Proxmia or InFocus LCD Projection panel. Starting at around $20,000 each these were really powerful computers back then.

Technology was changing fast and the dot com bubble was about to burst… We had a lot of fun for a few years there.


CGA Computers – San Diego, CA

White Box Computer Sales

San Diego computer manufacture in Sorrento Valley. CGA developed the first online computer configuration application for their resellers.


AGE Logic – San Diego, CA

Technical Support and OEM Training

Robert McCulloch joins AGE Logic, AGE Logic developed a Windows based X Windows Server application that allowed Unix and Linux X Windows applications to be displayed within the Windows and DOS environment.


Time goes by year after year and I have done many things since the last entry in this About Robert McCulloch Page.

I worked for a Web Hosting company called

A+ Net – San Diego, CA

Sales and Support

My Mother passed away and my Father found himself living on his ranch in Escondido, CA by himself and that was not a good thing. It was simply too big a place with too many memories to stay alone like that. So he got a condo in Mira Mesa and not long after realized he was still too lonely to make it on his own. He called me one day and offered me $60,000 to move home and stay with him. I had already made the decision to move home and take care of him since my brother and sister both had families of their own.

I refused to take his money! But my Father was very generous just the same a gave me a brand new Lincoln and a hand full of credit cards, how could I refuse that? We were never really close before and over the next year of taking care of him we became best friends. He told me to get rid of the SEO clients I had been working for and I did for the most part.  But I kept a few important clients that really needed my services.

I started working on cutting edge SEO tactics like I.P. cloaking and other extremely effective Blackhat SEO methods. The Phantomas Shadowmaker was my mainstay for a number of years until Google rendered obsolete for the most part.

If you can’t Beat em- Join em! Right? So I started Blogging with Blogger Blogs at first.  but something about being under the watchful eyes of Google made me turn to other things and I tried several other Blog Platforms until I finally settled on WordPress. Then I jumped on the Google AdSesne bandwagon and learned a whole lot about pay per click and AdWords / AdSense.

I setup a rack of servers and and learned about Remote Desktop and Apache and IIS servers. All was going perfect and right when I thought things would never change… My father died. I went into denial and basically fell apart. My father was everything to me and I had no idea what to do without him in my life. For months I would dream my father was still alive only to wake up not knowing weather it had just been a bad dream or if he was really gone.

Nervous break down I guess you could call it and in that time my brother managed to relive me of everything I had in the world and I found myself homeless and penniless. It took a few years for me to get it together. Then I sued my brother for $1,000,000 and in pre-trial arbitration he gave in and forked up $100,000. and I got back on my feet. After lawyers and other family members got their share I had just enough left to get a place to stay and a car so I could get back to work!

Think it’s easy being a bum? Homeless people word far
harder than the rest of us,  trust me on this one!

So I worked in construction for a while, then moved up to home remodeling and then started working with a good friend for a finance company. They would buy em, we would fix em and they would flip em! I learned a lot and it was a great change of pace. Then the Housing Market fell through the floor and I went three months without work.


attorneycollect.com – 2001


 Way Back machine

My First Website – 2003 




To make a long story even longer, I moved to AZ to stay with a friend and started working for the largest domain registrar in the world, Godaddy.com.

Godaddy.com – Scottsdale, AZ

Hosting Support

I love working with such smart people! Godaddy has the smartest people in the state of AZ no doubt! I thought I knew a lot when I walked in the doors at Godaddy, but little did I know… I learn something new every single day and I work with some of the most talented individuals in the IT industry.  It really has been an opportunity of a life time.

But after years of working for myself, I find myself wanting the freedom to take advantage of the opportunities the industry presents. Godaddy is just too big to be flexible. There is a huge market for WordPress and SEO services that Godaddy just can’t fill with it’s current business model.

Not to mention the fact that Godaddy is sales oriented and I am a service type of person. I would rather provide the service and let someone else sell the service. I’m sure that is why Godaddy is so successful. But I have complete faith in the fact that there is a market for the specialized service I can provide. Working for Godaddy for the last six months has shown me that a market exists for a new kind of IT provider.

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